Question: What Is Another Word For Cons?

What is another word for negatives?

In this page you can discover 106 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for negative, like: cynical, negativism, contradictory, detrimental, pessimistic, disavowal, nullifying, electronegative, cool, double-negative and abrogating..

What is con short for?

A slang abbreviation for confidence, as in con man or con game. To con someone is to deceive or take advantage of a person through FRAUD or trickery after winning the person’s confidence. Con is also used as a slang abbreviation for convict, as in ex-con to mean someone previously incarcerated.

How do you list pros and cons?

First, write the decision you have to make at the top of a sheet of paper. Next, divide it in half vertically, and label one side “Pros” and the other “Cons.” Then, list all of the possible positive consequences of the decision in the pros column, and all the negative effects in the cons column.

What are the pros and cons of social media?

Pros & Cons of Social MediaProsConsPut yourself out there in a good wayPosting inappropriate statuses/picturesConnect with students in other educational systemsMaking people feel bad about themselvesMake new friends/communicate or connect with old friends/familyCyberbullying15 more rows

What is pros stand for?

PROSAcronymDefinitionPROSPros and ConsPROSProspectPROSProstitutePROSProsthetic5 more rows

What is the opposite of cons?

What is the opposite of cons?unlearnsdisremembersforgetsabandonssets asideputs asidediscards from memory

What is the opposite of benefit?

Originally Answered: What’s the opposite of “benefit”? Here are some candidates. burden; damage; deficit; disability; disadvantage; detriment; downside; drag, drawback; encumbrance; hindrance; obstacle. block; burden; challenge; cripple; damage; disadvantage; drag down, encumber; harm; hinder; injure.

Can a number be negative?

In mathematics, a negative number is a real number that is less than zero. Negative numbers represent opposites. If positive represents a movement to the right, negative represents a movement to the left. … If positive represents a deposit, negative represents a withdrawal.

What does negative effect mean?

Definition. Negative affect is a broad concept that can be summarized as feelings of emotional distress (Watson, Clark, & Tellegen, 1988); more specifically, it is a construct that is defined by the common variance between anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, guilt and shame, irritability, and other unpleasant emotions.

What is another word for pros and cons?

What is another word for pros and cons?advantages and disadvantagesfors and againstsboon and banecosts and benefits

What are synonyms for cons?

ˈkɑːn) Deprive of by deceit. Synonyms. gip goldbrick bunco nobble scam rip off short-change swindle rook mulct victimize hornswoggle gyp chisel short defraud diddle cheat. Antonyms. dissuade inattentive free unemotional person acquit.

Is Con for or against?

adv. In opposition or disagreement; against: debated the issue pro and con.

What do pros and cons short for?

The phrase ‘pros and cons’ is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase pro et contra, ‘for and against’, and has been in use in the abbreviated form since the 16th century, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. … The much longer alternative is the phrase ‘arguments for and against’.

What is the full meaning of pros and cons?

good points and bad points1 : arguments for and against —often + of Congress weighed the pros and cons of the new tax plan. 2 : good points and bad points Each technology has its pros and cons.

What is the antonym of benefit?

What is the opposite of benefit?uselessnessworthlessnessdisadvantagedisutilityhandicaphindranceinappropriatenessinefficiencyinutilityloss5 more rows

Does pros mean good or bad?

Pros means the benefits of something or we can say the advantages of something. Cons is the opposite of pros . It means the disadvantages of something or the bad things that can happen when one thing is done .

What does the word negative mean?

A negative is defined as a person or thing that refuses or denies, or is undesirable, unwanted or disliked. An example of a negative is the “no” response given by a person. … A negative is defined as the reverse impression of something.