Quick Answer: What Does MX Stand For?

Does MX stand for Mexico?

MX is the two-letter country abbreviation for Mexico..

How do you pronounce MX gender?

Mx (usually pronounced /mɪks/ MIKS or /mʌks/ MUKS and sometimes /ɛmˈɛks/ em-EKS) is an English language neologistic honorific that does not indicate gender.

What does MX stand for in money?

Mexican pesoCentral bankBank of MexicoWebsitewww.banxico.org.mxPrinterBank of MexicoWebsitewww.banxico.org.mx24 more rows

What MC means?

Master of CeremoniesMC, or Master of Ceremonies, is a term traditionally associated with someone who determines the forms to be observed on a public occasion, acts as host at a formal event, or is host for a program of entertainment.

What does GTO stand for in Mexico?

Template:Mexico State-Abbreviation CodesName of federative entityConventional abbreviation2-letter code*GuanajuatoGto.MX – GTGuerreroGro.MX – GRHidalgoHgo.MX – HGJaliscoJal.MX – JA28 more rows

Most titles (such as Mr, Ms, Miss, Mrs and Mx) are not controlled by law in the UK. You can change your title to any of these, or one of the many other options, without doing anything special and without any documentation.

What does MX mean in a text?

Mx.: Defined as a title of respect prefixed to someone’s surname. It does not indicate a gender and may be used by a person with any or no specific gender identity, according to Dictionary.com.

What is MC leave stand for?

on sick leave“MC” – means “on sick leave”. MC is short for “medical chit” or “medical certificate”.

How do u pronounce MX?

Mx., generally pronounced as “mix,” has grown in popularity over the past few years, as more people outwardly and openly identify as transgender, gender-nonconforming and nonbinary — and have rejected the idea that only two options, male and female, exist.

What does AA mean in money?

QuadrillionCurrency DisplayRepresantationReal ValuePronounced As1 B1 x 109One Billion1 T1 x 1012One Trillion1 aa1 x 1015One Quadrillion1 ab1 x 1018One Quintillion45 more rows

Is Mr Short for Master?

Mister, usually written in its abbreviated form Mr. … The title ‘Mr’ derived from earlier forms of master, as the equivalent female titles Mrs, Miss, and Ms all derived from earlier forms of mistress. Master is sometimes still used as an honorific for boys and young men.

What does MX mean medical?

Common terms and abbreviations in clinical filesTerm/abbreviationMeaningMSTMobile support teamMxMedicationNADNo abnormality detected / No acute distressOOBOut of bed40 more rows

What does GTO mean in Mexico?

GuanajuatoGTO stands for Guanajuato (México)

What state is NL in Mexico?

State of Nuevo Leónlisten)), officially the Free and Sovereign State of Nuevo León (Spanish: Estado Libre y Soberano de Nuevo León), is one of the 32 states which comprise the Federal Entities of Mexico. It is divided into 51 municipalities and its capital city is Monterrey….Nuevo LeónWebsiteOfficial Web Site39 more rows

What is MC in WhatsApp?

MC means “Master of Ceremonies”. This is the most common definition for MC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. MC. Definition: Master of Ceremonies.

What is a female MC called?

mistress of ceremoniesMerriam-Webster’s defines “mistress of ceremonies” as a woman who presides at a public ceremony or entertainment, and it dates the phrase to 1952.

What does T stand for in money?

While K is indeed used for thousands in money, and M is used for millions, I think B is used for billions (not G, as is used in computer memory). For example, see this headline and this headline. Likewise, it’s T for trillion. – J.R.♦ Aug 17 ’13 at 10:28.

What is TDS medical?

In Latin (and in common usage through my career) ‘tds’ (ter die sumendus) translates as ‘to be taken three times a day’ (sumendus = to take). Hence ‘tds’ should be used for oral medications. ‘tid’ (ter in die) translates as ‘three times daily’ and should be used for external medications.

What does MX stand for before a name?

Among the words officially added to dictionary.com this week is “Mx.,” pronounced “mix” and defined as “a title of respect prefixed to a person’s surname: unlike Mr., Mrs., or Ms., it does not indicate gender and may be used by a person with any or no specific gender identity.”

What does 1 BD mean on a prescription?

2 times a day. bis die sumendum. b.i.d., bid, bd. twice a day / twice daily / 2 times daily.

What does BD mean on a prescription?

a. c. = ante cibum (before food) b. d. = bis die (twice daily) o. d. = omni die (every day)