Quick Answer: Who Uses Youse?

What does youse mean?

: you —usually used in addressing two or more persons or sometimes one person as representing also another or others the two of youse— J.


Syngethe rest of youse— J.



Where do they say yall?

Y’all is the main second-person plural pronoun in Southern American English, with which it is most frequently associated, though it also appears in some other English varieties, including African-American English and South African Indian English.

What is your British accent?

What people commonly describe as a “British accent” is actually called “received pronunciation”. This term describes “the standard accent of Standard English” and is generally spoken in the south of England.

What accent is youse?

As noted in the comments and in other answers, yous, youse is also used by some speakers of British English, (northern England, Scotland, Ireland), Australian English, and New Zealand English. It is a dialectal variant of standard English. As a nonnative speaker you will sound strange or weird if you use it.

Where do they say youse guys?

South Philly“Youse” is associated with working-class white folks in South Philly, but “y’all” is the grammatical alternative to “you guys” in the dialect of Philly’s African American communities.

What can I say instead of you guys?

Alternatives to “guys”:All.You.Team.Everyone/everybody.Folks.People.Friends/pals/peeps (informal settings)Oct 16, 2018

Is youse an actual word?

So youse (or yous) is simply a regular “add an ‘s’” plural, y’all is a contraction of the phrase you all, and yinz appears to be a contraction of you ones. In some places the phrasal you(s) guys is used, and in Kriol, an Aboriginal language of the Northern Territory, the plural yumob comes from you mob.

Is youse a Scrabble word?

Yes, youse is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does thank youse mean?

a conventional expression of gratitude. b. (as modifier): a thank-you card. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Noun.

Is youse in the Oxford dictionary?

Why is the word ‘youse’ included in the dictionary? … It tells us that the word is colloquial, that is, more likely to turn up in the spoken rather than the written language, and that, though widely used, it is nevertheless regarded as not acceptable in correct speech and writing.

Where did yous come from?

It’s been suggested by some linguists that “you-all,” “you-uns” (a Pittsburgh expression) and “yous” or “youse” actually originated as attempts to differentiate singular “you” from plural “you.” I can see that this might be a natural response on the part of immigrants (and not just Italians) whose first languages had …

What is the plural for you in Spanish?

Formal vs. Informal “You”singular:plural:first person:yonosotros, nosotrassecond person, informal:túvosotros, vosotrassecond person, formal:ustedustedesthird person:él, ellaellos, ellas

Do British say y all?

“Yous” is a dialect variation. No British people use “y’all”.

Can I say y all?

There is only one correct way to spell or use “y’all,” so whatever you do, don’t use the dreaded “ya’ll.” You may have heard people say that “y’all” isn’t proper English, but it’s really the misspelled “ya’ll” that can get you in trouble.